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Moving cleats back on shoe?

OK...I know "ball of the foot" is supposed to be the "correct" way to pedal, but it's never felt natural to me. I tend to push from a little further back. Sometimes even on the arches.

Until I got clipless pedals. Now, because of the cleats, my feet are locked into the "correct" position. But it still doesn't feel natural to me. I've done at least a hundred miles this way including my Friday commute, 32 miles each way.

I noticed on the bottom of my shoes there is another set of holes the cleats can be screwed into, a little further back than the ones the LBS guy installed my cleats too. I took off the cleats, and while there are clearly markings on the sole indicating that the forward set of holes is to be used, they attach to the rearward set of holes just fine. I installed them there and took a quick test ride. It feels better to me.

So what are those other holes there for if not for an alternative cleat position? Does anybody else do this? Is there a good reason I shouldn't?
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