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Fun causing havoc at the local "racer rides"

You know them, every town has them, those saturday AM group rides that all the racers (including myself) do when not racing... also complemented by the the "Tuesday/Thursday" training rides?...

Well my regular stoker (girlfriend) and I do OK on our local hilly Saturday "racer" group ride. We would usually fall just off the back on the hills and then catch up on the down hills.... but able to barely maintain within the group... only doing real well on the flats and down hills.

Last week she could not ride so I asked a friend of mine to fill in. He is a pretty fit 23 year old and only 140#... and I'm only 145#.

We had great fun roasting by the group on the down hills and then soft pedaling up the rollers waiting for them to catch up... occasionally one attentive rider would snag on for the free ride.

We played with the group (annoyed them??! ) until the main hill climb of the ride - Ridge Road. 2.9 miles with 800 feet of climbing. I expected to fall off the back as usual, but with my light weight turbo stoker we not only kept pace with the group but passed them on the steepest part of the climb. We lead out the lead group most of the way and ended up 2nd to the top... and to my amazement tying my personal best time up the hill.

Way cool! Way fun!

Of course I couldn't act too excited about the ride having a fast stoker in my girlfriends place and having a BLAST... that would not be good for the relationship!!! I swear, if my girlfriend could only do that... oh well, one can dream...

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