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Bikes: A mint '70s Raleigh Campy, am looking for a touring type roadie

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About Camping and other things:

Sweden has something called "Everyman's Law". You can camp anywhere (and I mean anywhere) you want to, so long as you are gone within 48 hours. You may have to clean up your litter as well... (but since I do anyway, this was never a problem) Now since neither you nor the owners are usually too enthralled about camping on the front lawn or in the bull's pasture, as dusk approaches (and it will approach; unlike the rest of Europe, distances in Sweden between towns/municipal campgrounds/etc. are like those in rural Canada - 70 km of bush between villages is not unusual.) the easiest thing to do is stop at a farmhouse and politely ask where people go to camp locally. They will be only too happy to tell you, and you may get good conversation, be able to buy (or be given) farm fresh eggs/produce cheap, and have a nice experience all in all.

Danish drivers are extremely courteous to cyclists... but watch out for the beer.

Get good maps: I recommend the high resolution Michelins; if it won't show you the 80 yard offset in a crossroad, it's not big enough. (and yes, they do)

Watch out for cobblestones and (Holland) brick cycle paths; the pounding you take is incredible.
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