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Originally Posted by Cyclesarah
Hi everyone!

Thank you for your posts. I appreciate your input, and I value your pearls of wisdom and experience!
Koffee...was the transition to meat eating a difficult one for you? I have been considering adding meat (chicken and turkey) in small amounts back into my diet. This stems from some other health issues I am having, and my orthopedic surgeon is urging me to add some meat back into my diet. I would appreciate hearing how the transition went for you!

Nah, it wasn't difficult at all. The truth was, I was tired of eating all the time to fulfill my nutritional needs, since I was doing quite a bit of heavy lifting (I lift as much as some of the guys do) and I was teaching about 15- 20 aerobics classes a week and still riding on my own time. I was full all the time, which made exercise even more difficult to do, but I knew in order to do everything I was doing, I needed to eat a lot more to keep myself from fading away. I started off with chicken, then added in ground beef, steak, etc. later. I did start slowly, but it didn't take me long to get back into eating meat at all. And once I did, I felt a lot better.

I'm sure you can be vegetarian and still get everything in- you'd probably need to see a dietitan or nutritionist to figure out how. I was just broke and tired, so I just decided it was better for me to start eating meat, that's all.