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The captain I ride with sometimes has an excess of testosterone when we
ride with the group on occasional Tu/Th fests with 20-30 spandexed
singlets on sub 18# rides. He likes to blast along at 30-32 on the flats
and string out the pack. Occasionally we get up to 34-35 for a ways
and it is amazing how some of those guys can jump the 50-100yds and
catch us even at that speed. I figure they are putting out 600+ watts.
We usually blowup after a kilo or so at these speeds and the pack will
catch us. We are still working on staying on on the hills though.
380-390# of team+bike and a combined age of 123 puts definite limits
on what we can do with a group consisting of cat 2-4 riders 10-20yrs
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