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Originally Posted by alumrock12
hmm, i see. i actually don't ride paved trails. but i do have to ride about 2 miles of pavement to get to my trails, so maybe thats why. when i'm going there, i always feel like a slug when theres so much tire drag.
During my typical 18 mile single-track N Florida ride, I have to do 1.8 miles on pavement. There I run typically 17 to 18 mph on 27 psi unless I'm trying to keep up with this 40 year-old lady who runs about 22. I try to draft!

I ride roughly half time in the mountains. There I'll run a little firmer (27 to 30) depending on the trail. Since I use tube-type tires tubeless with Stan's NoTubes conversion, I don't want to get below his recommended psi.

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