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Thanks, M_S--I appreciate it. No hard feelings.

DMF, it's strange, but your "stuff" kind of sits in the space between and in front of the sit-bone humps, no matter how you ride. I'm finding when you're in an aggressive position, you aren't putting all of your weight on your stuff, and if you're upright, you really have the same result. It's the same principle as the Specialized Body Geometry, but it's just a lot more pronounced. I can really tell that I'm not putting ANY pressure anyplace I shouldn't, because my sit bones REALLY felt sore during the first three 30-mile rides (which was fine), and got no numbness or tenderness at all...

My urologist (who cycles) told me to go noseless, but I couldn't bear it until I'd exhausted some other options. He told me to test my saddle by sit on it, and extending my legs away from the bike (so all my weight is only on the saddle) to see if my stuff was bearing any pressure. It doesn't seem to do that with the Rido (I'm sure it definitely wouldn't with noseless either).

Anyhow, it works for me, and I'm really glad I got it. And once again, I have NOTHING to do with the original poster here, and I have NO relationship with Rido
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