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I'm back, but i need help.

So i used to post here a lot, i think a lot of you will remember me. I used to have the crappy Haro Nyquist 2003. But then like 2 weeks exact, i got a 2007 Haro Thread 1, its a hecka tight bike. Here is a link.
The first part is me and my friend riding on them at our skatepark. But yea, i was at the skatepark yesterday before the fireworks and this kid with a 16 inch bike like that was 12 came. It was insane he was pulling like 360's and all this stuff, that i can't do on my Thread 1, becuase i don't think i'm big enough or something. Then i asked him if i could try it, and i could do 180's out of the bowl and i could almost do 360's, i want to build one up in like a long period of time you know. I never have built a bike, and i would want to. So how would i build up a 16 inch bmx? Thanks
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