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Originally Posted by wroomwroomoops
Is there any reason why a tandem wouldn't smoke singlies? The muscle-to-bike ratio should be more advantageous with tandems, no? Also, the two cyclists have the same, more or less, aerodynamic profile as a single cyclist - with twice the power.

So why wouldn't a tandem be really, really fast?
You hit the nail on the head... IF the power to weight ratio is the same between a single vs tandem then a tandem can do very well on hills and then kick butt on the down hills and flats, but for a lot of us the stoker is not the ravenous racer type and usually a bit off the desired power to weight ratio... so usually we SUFFER in the hills.

Yes, aerodynamics + weight = very fast down hills and good on flats... but unless you have that desired power to weight ratio prepare to suffer on the hills (if you are trying to stay with most singles).

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