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Originally Posted by Bikedued
That's it, it's going to the shop tomorrow, and it's getting changed again. I can't believe they had the crank and the spindle to look at, and didn't think that was too close. Thanks for weighing in, Kurt.,,,,BD
Ehhh! Shops will always do it to you - send you off with the wrong part for the sake of making a buck. They put the spindle in, found out that it just barely cleared, and instead of replacing it with a longer one, they figured they'd just send you off with this one, figuring that if you came to the shop to have the BB put in, you'll be too stupid to realize that the crankset is too close (and heck, if it worked their way, they wouldn't have to re-do the whole BB all over again - possibly even order another BB cause they don't have the longer one in stock).

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