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Worth rehab or not?

I'm new to the C/V forum, but it's very cool to see fine examples of early bikes. I'm thinking about 2 (free) bikes, but one of them I have doubts about.

The first is a Schwinn Typhoon, from the early/mid 70s. It needs tires, and the chrome fenders/rack/stem/bars need to be stripped and rechromed. This one was my Dad's and I have a sentimental attachment to it, so I'm definitely taking it.

The second was also his, but he bought it needing some work and never did it. He basically stuck it in the garage, so I don't feel anything sentimental about it. It's a Schwinn, blue, and the only name on it says "Racer". It has hand brakes and a 3 speed setup that is cable operated and contained in the rear hub (not sure what that's called) and modern-shaped road bars. It also has a sprung saddle. The bike needs cables (or at a minimum, cable WORK), some refinishing, everything taken apart and inpected/lubed/adjusted, and a front rim, which I think might be the biggest problem. I doubt the spokes will turn so it would be more accurate to say a front rim and spokes or possibly just a replacement wheel.

Since I don't know anything about the "racer", is it worth the effort, or is a just a turd in the rough?

Thanks for any advice!
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