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But... what is wrong with getting a cheap bike, and then over time upgrading the components?

Yes, I understand there is only so far you can go using this route. But my bike cost me 140 (RRP 180).. I have fitted a sealed BB, a new seat, sealed bearing pedals (flats), new sussie forks (not top line, but better than original), new tyres (that really made the difference regards the ride). I am saving my pennies for s new groupset at the moment... and yes, there are only certain groupsets compatible with my bike... but whatever I get 'will' be an upgrade from the original.

It is all fine and dandy to say go spend over 700 for a good bike, but what if you do not have 500-1000... just then... just now?

I also think... that it is how you look after a bike... even a cheap peice of crap. If you ask how to lube it... and get involved in maintaining it, even the cheapest bikes will last for ages. Your 2000 marvels will soon be run into the floor if they are not maintained. I recently passed a Marin with flat tyres, a rusty chain... seat to low... and I just cruised past him on my peice of crap. Also... think on this. If I bussed to work it would cost me 200 a year... if I can get a bike for 80 and I get 12 months out of it without maintenance... I have saved money, and just to be PC... I have NO carbon footprint. This is commuting of course.

My point is... do not be to judgemental over this... If you are a hardcore cyclist, then of course you need the lightest most wonderful bike on the planet, epsecially if you are racing or other sportive activities. If you want a bike to tootle about, or get to work.. you can get by with anything. But you are BOTH cyclist.

This 'toy' that I ride gets me to work... and thus I can earn to feed my family. Getting there by bus would is easy at 2pm, but coming home at 4am would mean a taxi (yes a 14 hour shift... I wanna be fast there and fast back). I kinda get if not angry, but frustrated when the the bike I look after and keep maintained is referred to as a toy. It is in fact an a very important tool, and great fun to ride.
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