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Schwinns -- woot!

On your Dad's original bike, the chrome will be too expensive to redo. It would be better to replace these parts. Nice used ones are not that hard to locate. This forum, eBay or the Schwinn Forum are good places to start this search:

Schwinn chrome is of very high quality, so may look bad at first glance, but could clean up. Have you tried bronze wool, oxalic acid, etc.?

The Racer would have upright bars in a stock configuration. This is not a super valuable bike, but is worth saving IMHO. If you would like to research the details a bit, start with the serial numbers (located on the left, rear axle hanger (or dropout) or on the headtube of the frame (just above the fork, below the Schwinn headbadge). Compare the first two letters or letter/number to the chart here:

If you don't get a match, it could be an earlier bike -- then check the charts here:

Once you know the date, you can find catalogs here:

Enjoy the "ride",

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