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Would you have called the police?

I was riding home today on a trail that's all woods and prairie, but it's still in the city - it runs from downtown to southwest mpls and it's pretty well-used. You do have spells where you don't see people for awhile, but overall it's a pretty popular trail. So, on my way home, alongside the trail, I see the frame of a bike and a duffel bag lying in the grass. It seemed to me like someone had ditched their bike and bag in a hurry and someone else came along later and stole the wheels and rifled through the bag (there were some clothes half coming out of the bag). The bike and bag weren't there this morning when I rode in, so it had happened sometime during the day. I slowed down a little but I didn't see or hear anybody, so I just kept going. Do you think I should have called the police? Or was it better that I just left it? I feel a little guilty now..
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