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Derailleur cables stretching?

This may belong in the mechanics section:

We have a flakey front derailleur on our Cannondale tandem. It's an Ultegra triple model. I've adjusted my share of front deraileurs over the years, and this one is a bit tricky. I have carefully dialed in the height, and angle. When I get the cable tension right to shift up and down well, I get rubbing in the smallest couple rear cogs in the largest chainring. If I tension the cable enough that I don't get rubbing in the tallest gears, then it doesn't want to shift downward.

I'm thinking that I've got cable stretch. I marked the cable and measured it with a ruler, and there is some stretch. The rear doesn't have as much tension on it and seems to work quite well.

My other possibility is the spacing on the Truvative chainrings could be slightly wider than standard. The truvative cranks haven't inspired much confidence in me. The timing chainrings are not concentric and there isn't enough play in the chainring mounting to make them so. The drive chainrings wobble a bit and aren't concentric either.

Have you tandem guys have issues with cable stretch making the front derailleur adjustment tricky? I would much rather have the left brifter be a friction adjustment, indexed front derailleur shifting is just plain dumb (IMHO).

What cables do you guys suggest?


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