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Originally Posted by brent_dube
and that isn't counting the acceleration factor. (uses more watts)

I've tried that 53x11 thing, but it didn't work out too well.
Agreed. To sustain the speed doesn't take nearly what these guys put out ramping it up.

My peak sprinting wattage measured via Powertap is 1300 watts give or take 20 watts (I'm 73Kgs for what it's worth). I can also turn right at 1000 watts for close to 20 seconds. I'm a good sprinter for a Masters 35+ racer and have seen 39-40mph on a number of occasions but I'm no AP... not even close. The only time I even used a 53/11 for a sprint is with a tailwind. AP can probably hold 1400-1500 watts for 15-20 seconds which is unimaginable for us normal guys.

800 watts, I put out 800 watts doing long leadouts tonight on prime laps.
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