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I'll go back over my setup again. My adjustment is pretty close to what Shimano says in the tech note (thanks for the link TG). Based on the adjustment, of 0-0.5mm of chain clearance at the end cogs on the cassette, I am guaranteed of the chain rubbing the front derailleur. Especially given that the craptastic Truvativ chainrings don't run true.

The LBS tech (with 20 years of experience, for what that's worth) told me: "You have to shift down twice to go from the large chainring to the middle" The first click just rubs and doesn't disengage, and then another click and it jumps down. He said this with a straight face, like it was the way it was. I thought to myself that he's not got the thing adjusted correctly, and I set out to try to make it work well. So far, I'm having issues. I've got my wife's 105 and RSX shifters working well on her Symmetry, I've got her XT levers and drivetrain working well on her Terry Classic. I don't own an indexing front derailleur setup on any of my bikes, but needless to say, this is not my first time with these things.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll keep battling it. I'm going to measure chainring spacing on my wife’s ultegra and 105 cranks and compare it to the truvative. If the truvative chainrings are spaced slightly farther apart, that would cause the same behavior. The rings on both the timing chain and drive side don't run true, so I can believe that they are off in the other direction as well.

This is my first new bike purchase since the late 90's, and I have to say the quality of the parts has dropped considerably since the 80's. The C'dale frame braze-ons force me into some sort of bar mounted shifters, and they also force me into some sort of inline cable adjustment rather than the downtube mounted adjusters. My kingdom for a tandem Campy Super record drivetrain from the 80's (what I still ride).

lhbernhardt- thanks for the suggestion on cable mounting, but this derailleur really only has one way to mount the cable, I'm pretty sure it's the correct way, but I'll check again to make sure.


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