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Got hit today!

Posted this over in Safety too, thought you guys might like to read it too.


No, not yay. I was riding down a slightly narrow street at about 8-10 miles an hour towards a red light ahead. It was a definite door-zone so I was going it slowly and carefully. Suddenly, an RTA chair bus passes me on the left, strikes my bar end and sends me into the parked car to my right. I go over the hood of the car and my bike is pulled around the car's front end by my right foot which is still securely strapped to the pedal. As I land, I pull my bike out of the street with my foot and give myself a look. Incredibly, I was left with just a scraped elbow, a bruised knee, and a loose tooth. I got up and pulled my bike to the sidewalk and was prepared to let the guy know that I was ok and tell him, politely of course, to watch the *%^$ out for cyclists next time. Strangely, he somehow knew I was ok before I got up of the pavement and didn't even slow down.
Seriously! An employee of the state hits a cyclist and then leaves! There was no way he didn't notice because he clipped me just behind his door and it made a very loud thud on my steel bar end. As I went over the hood of the car, I'm sure my rear wheel hit the side of the bus too. Totally despicable. I guess that's why around here we have a special motto;

'Welcome to Worcester, Duck mother$&%^er'
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