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Originally Posted by Turboem1
Anyone here ever go tanning? Probably sounds stupid to some but I have crazy tan lines from cycling. I am tan from my wrist to elbow and from my anke to knee. The rest of me is white.

I have never been tanning (im a guy) and would like to go atleast once to blend together some of the lines.

How does the process work?
Do you put on sunscreen?
Is it hot?
I assume you go in naked?

Any info would be great. Thanks
Go in naked. Get undressed in the parking lot and go in the front door with just a bottle of sunscreen.

Actually they send you to a private room. You can undress as much or little as you like. If you are a little clostrophobic, it may not be what you want to do. It is a little confining and it does get warm. But you're all alone so do whatver you like
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