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Originally Posted by Blais
I talked to my lawyer earlier...
He basically told me it was a lost cause because I didn't go to the hospital and then didn't ride straight home, call the police right away, or get the eyewitnesses' contact info. It also didn't help that I stood up, told the witness that I was fine, and then rode off. He told me the chance of winning a lawsuit was slim and I might just end up paying for his fees only to lose. The chance of getting the guy fired are very high, however and he had me file a complaint to get his ass off the road.
I don't mean to come off as rude but this is about more than you and your loose tooth. If the van hit you like you say it did, it will be evident upon inspection of the van in question. I've got paint from the car that hit me all over my bike and even on my shoe. Reporting this is about making sure this person doesn't have the opport***ty to do this to someone else.
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