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I lived in the Dallas area from '01 to '06 and one of the things they have a lot of were tanning salons. I never understood the purpose of these places since instead of wasting $$ to sit indoors to tan all you had to do was stand outside for a while and you'd be tan wether you liked it or not! It's HAWT in Texas! Although it's pretty rainy right now... But still!

On a side note... a former co-worker had a friend that went tanning and when she did she went completely nekid. One day she went in and noticed that through the one way glass this maintenance guy was just out there just hanging in front of the store. But she thought nothing much of it until she finished and walked outside to her car. What she thought was a one way glass was actually clear to both sides and realized that the maint. guy outside was watching her totally nekid the whole time! DOH!
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