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No, you don't have to shift down twice to get the middle ring. I've been riding STI 9-speed Ultegra triples since 1999 and have the same on our new used Co-Mo. It works perfectly. Sounds like too much cable tension to me. Coming down from the big ring, the first click should drop you into the middle ring, and the smallest 7 cogs should be reachable without rubbing. The second click trims the FD in a hair and allows you to reach the inner two rear cogs without rubbing. The third click gets you the granny ring. Upshifting, a full shift gets you the outer of the two middle ring positions and another full shift gets you the big ring.

You can also use the inner of the two middle ring positions to allow you to access the smaller cogs from the granny ring, but that's not a good idea because it puts more tension on the chain, increasing wear. Better to shift into the middle ring. All this works as above on our Co-Mo. It's a bit dependent on drive train geometry. On my single Trek, all the rear cogs are reachable without rubbing from the outer of the two middle ring positions, but not so on the Co-Mo.

The granny/big cog combination should just barely not rub. Same with the big ring/small cog combination. You have to get the starting cable tension just right, with the FD shifter shifted all the way down. Also make absolutely sure that the shift cable end isn't hanging up inside the shifter. That happens sometimes and can drive you nuts. Pull back on the brake lever with the QR released and watch the cable end while you shift up and down as someone else spins the pedals.

I've got Race Race rings on the Co-Mo and Ultegra rings on the Trek. And all that said, I've never worked with 10-speed triples. They may be different. And as others have said, cable stretch makes absolutely no difference, other than that one must readjust as the cable stretches, as all cables do. Usually the little thumbscrew on the down tube gives enough adjustment for that.

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