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Simple rule - If you get hit call 911 and report it immediately.

Don't tell them you appear to be OK because then they will take over 30 minutes for them to show up. I found that out the hard way. After 10 minutes my hand started to hurt. I called the the police back after 15 minutes of no action to see when a cruiser might appear. The cop told me they were on the way. 5 minutes later my wife gets there and then calls the cops again since it was now going on 25 minutes and still no cops and my thumb was REALY starting to throb. The driver had made a sort of u-turn at the intersection to get out of the road. this confused the cop for a minute as I explained the situation. Good news was that once the cop figured out that I was going through the intersections straight and the driver pulled out from a stop sign he become much friendlier and after he got all my info let me go so I could get to the ER to get my hand looked at. Mistake #2 don't tell them you don't need an abulance to have you looked over. It took 4 hours to get my hand looked at. Only because my wife used to be an EMT and whined enough I finally got some ice for my hand after about 2 hours. If I'd told them I was hurt (which I was, but during the first 5 minutes I felt nothing) the cops would have been on the scene in less than 5 minutes and I would have had ice on my hand earlier. It would have made my hand recovery go a lot faster. I was not hurt badly, but it took 6 to 8 weeks for my hand to feel 100% normal. With some earlier intervention I might have been able to reduce the swelling a bit more and that might have reduced the recovery time by a week or two. Think of this like a soccer match. You don't want to lie about being hurt, but it doesn't hurt to make sure the ref clearly knows that you have some sort of injury. In my case I certainly don't wish the driver any ill will (she was very sorry and looked like she might "stoke" from the shock), but I DO want to make sure her insurance is going to pay for any damages.

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