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Originally Posted by alanbikehouston
Thanks for joining the Forums and posting a link to a "BikesDirect" E-Bay auction. I can't tell you how long it has been since someone joined the Forums, and immediately began posting links to a "BikesDirect" auction or probably has not happened for hours and hours.
you are welcome and of course the information on my experience is valid...

Originally Posted by alanbikehouston
Some folks may think you WORK for Bikes Direct. And, of course, if you DID work for BikesDirect, you know exactly how good their bikes are. A $300 BikesDirect bike ("List price $80,000 dollars) is usually worth $250 to $300...a bike they sell for $500 ("List price: a Zillion Dollars") is actually worth about $450 to $500...but YOU would know that if you work for them, right?
well, if they did think I work for them, they would be wrong... I work for a computer software corporation...though, this does make me wonder if you work/own a bike shop... so I guess that can go both ways... oh and I love your condescending tone...

Originally Posted by alanbikehouston
On the other hand, if you have NO relationship to BikesDirect, and you want to find a good bike, there is an easy way to do so. Just visit three or four bike shops in your neighborhood. Look at and test ride the bikes in your price range. Buy the bike that "feels right" from whichever shop gives you the best personal service.
I don't have any problem with buying as much bike as one can afford... though it does seem that disseminating info on the lower end bikes for people that can't afford the higher end bikes does seem to bother you... so much the better...
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