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Originally Posted by e0richt

I don't have any problem with buying as much bike as one can afford... though it does seem that disseminating info on the lower end bikes for people that can't afford the higher end bikes does seem to bother you... so much the better...
You have hit the nail on the head. The issue for new cyclists IS "buying as much bike as one can afford".

Because I leave in a neighborhood with two shops operated by the folks that own BikesDirect, I meet a lot of their customers. Many of these folks are unhappy with their bikes, because the bike is "too big", "too small", "doesn't shift", "doesn't brake", "the wheel is wobbly"...issues related to proper fit, proper assembly, proper tuning, proper wheel truing.

These folks then either hang their bikes up, and stop riding, or take the bikes to a good bike shop to be properly assembled, get the wheels trued, get the shifting and braking tuned up. Doing those things really well costs $100 or so. But, the bike may STILL be "too big" or "too small".

People are fooled by the astoundingly high "list" prices at BikesDirect into thinking these bikes are worth more than the selling price. A BD bike is NEVER worth more than the selling price...BikesDirect is a business, not a charity...they buy bikes, mark UP the price, and sell them for a good profit..that's how a successful business stays in business.

For a new cyclist to get "as much bike as one can afford", they need to visit four or five bike shops in their neighborhood. Let them know their needs, their riding style, and their price range. Test ride the bikes. Find out the best size.

And then, buy from the shop that was most clearly focused on providing high quality personal service. That sort of shop will make sure the customer is on the RIGHT bike, and then fine-tune the set-up of the bike to precisely fit the rider. They will assemble and tune the bike, true the wheels, and then re-tune the bike and retrue the wheels after a few weeks of "break-in" riding.

And THAT is how someone gets "as much bike as one can afford".
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