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Originally Posted by markhr
what I don't get is why no-one's mentioned how much MORE disruption cyclists (say 40 or 50 on a friday evening) would cause if they:
1. cycled 2 abreast in the slow lane at 15kph/10mph
2. leave gaps no larger than a wheel's diameter between you and the cyclists in front of you.
3. stopped for everything - crossings, lights, stop signs
4. occasionally sent a brick of 4 cyclists in the fast(er) lane from the back of the queue to the front not forgetting hand signals, etc.

with a minimum 40 or 50 cyclists that's >100m of road and because you're doing nothing illegal there's diddly ***** they can do about it.

Now that's civil obediance and it get's in the motorist's face (if that's what you want)
I like your idea. Even better yet, just commute to school, work, and errands or ride around for the fun of it but do it in a calm, sane and orderly manner. I have been doing this for forty years, long before there was CM or before bicycling started to regain popularity here. I have never been run over and have had very few unpleasant confrontations.

I have not been a strident opponent of CM, and have actually defended it in some of the threads on BF, especially the threads that paint it as a mass orgy of vandalism and destruction. Until recently I lived in the downtown area of Seattle and the CM went by my living room window every month, and I never saw any sign of the lawless rioting that supposedly occurs. In May, however, the ride went on to a limited access highway (State route 99) that runs through town. Although it is not an interstate, it is basically a raised freeway with on/off ramps, no shoulders and a speed limit of 55. Of course, this caused instant chaos, a ten mile traffic backup, and a confrontation with the Seattle Police Department. Apparently an enraged motorist threatened to drive into some of the CMers, and one of the CMers pulled out a knife and threatened the motorist. After hearing about this my ambivalence toward Critical Mass has turned into opposition.
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