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helping a loved one with a food addiction?

I just heard some infuriating news, and this being Foo I thought Iíd take a highly personal issue and consult the general group wisdom. Plus there hasnít been enough heavy stuff lately. Ready?

My father is approaching a crisis point with his food addiction. Heís always had a food fixation, but itís getting worse, and heís in such poor health at the moment Iím not sure heíll be around next year.

Heís 57, 5í 7Ē and 250 lbs, and recently developed type II diabetes as a result of his eating habits. The doctors told him to lose 10 lbs in six weeks, or heíd require daily insulin injections. He didnít make any sort of effort at all, completely not taking it seriously.

Both my parents can hardly walk a block without going pale faced and having to rest. This week, while visiting my sister in Switzerland, his feet started swelling up, and all the blood vessels in his feet burst. The doctor told him to wrap it uncomfortably tightly and elevate it for a few days. On his way back to her flat he wanted to stop at a restaurant, my sister forbade it, so he bought a chocolate bar. ARGH!! He regularly goes into mini-comas following meals, but shrugs it off as harmless.

Did he wrap his foot? At first he wanted to wait a day, but my sis forced him to wrap it. He wrapped it loosely. Nothing seems to scare him. My Mother is an enabler, and is also in extremely poor health due to diet and lifestyle.

My siblings and I donít want to watch it happen anymore, so Iím considering organizing some sort of intervention. (Are there rehab clinics for food fixations?) Itís just a big step, and a serious thing to threaten to cut off communication with oneís parents unless they change, which they might not. But itís too excrutiating to witness them deteriorate so fast when they actually have a CHOICE in the matter.

<pant> Thanks all. Any thoughts or comments are well appreciated.
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