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Try to do something.....an intervention sounds like a good plan.

I know this situation, ALL TOO PERSONALLY. Basically, this is what really killed my mom in 2003. She had got diabetes, sleep apnea, and about 10 other things I can't remember all because of her weight and lack of exercise.

Finally the doctors told her she needed a gastric bypass surgery (similar to what Tom Stormcrowe had). After that surgery you are kinda forced to eat right because your body will reject too much junk food and too much food in general. She would HAVE to eat less (and better) after the surgery. I begged her for months and months to start trying to eat better now so that it wasn't as psychologically difficult after the surgery. She wouldn't hear of it....her feeling was that "this is my last year to eat junk food", so she LIVED on nothing but junk food that last year. She never recovered from the surgery and died in ICU 6 weeks after surgery.

So, don't let that happen to him. Intervene and try to do something.
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