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Sorry, I also can't think of much to suggest, other than making it abundantly clear to them how damned selfish and pathetic their behaviour is. They're not even trying

Maybe they've been mollycoddled too much. It doesn't help that they have each other as co-crutches. Having one's partner reinforce negative behaviour must be a very powerful block to ever having to face up to reality.

They will DIE unless they change their ways. They will DIE YOUNG. They will leave YOU and YOUR SISTER alone and resenting their selfishness and lack of consideration for their own children to the rest of your days.

That's all I can think of. Don't be nice - be absolutely harsh with the dumb ****s. Because their situation is made doubly worse because they enable each other.

Good luck, and my deepest sympthies go out to you - it does sound like an extreme situation.

Personally, I am hesitant to label this an addiction in the traditional (chemical dependency) sense. It's more psychological and the result of lifestyle and habit than anything else.

Just ask them if they care about a chocolate bar more than their own damn children. Ask it plain and simple. Then walk out. Tough love's a beotch. But they really are not even making the slightest effort. That smacks of blind selfishness and no amount of niceness is going to get through to them right now.

Take them on a short drive to the local graveyard. Just say, "see you here real soon," hand dad a chocolate bar, and walk away.
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