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My uncle lost his leg to diabetes (and ultimately his life), and not until that happened did he take it seriously (and after he died, my mother took it seriously and changed her habits as she is borderline diabetic). I feel for you coming from a family with all types of eating disorders (including my own, that is now under control but was devastating for many years), and can reassure you that this is not YOUR battle. Love your parents and appreciate the time you have with them. Then be different than they are, live differently than they have and adopt life-long healthy habits that ensure you won't end up the same. Only then will you have beaten the very battle you may feel you are fighting...yet, are not. It is frustrating, but try to take comfort in the fact that your parents are living as they see fit and may become very ill from their choices. But they, like you, make these choices and no one else does it for them. An intervention will likely just cause great pain for YOU and will unlikely change their behavior. In this country, food and excessive use of it isn't yet considered the same as using drugs or alcohol (close - some doctors are realizing the significance of food addictions) and therefore, extreme measures will not work, unless taken by the very individuals who suffer from these often seemingly insurmountable addictions with the help of a specialist or doctor.

I wish you the best and the best for your parents.

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