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Originally Posted by AEO
So, being inspired by other photo shoots and being yelled at for obeying the law on my bike, I figured I would bring my camera along with my ride to work. My commute area is constantly backed up because of the volume and poor (old) design of the road. It's faster through the area with a bike than it is with public transport or car. Taking these shots added about 5min to my commute.
This isn't peak rush hour, it's around 9:30am~10:00am
more here: http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/a...kes/commuting/
So, before I bore you with non-stop drabble... here's my commute. Minus a few blocks because it's very boring until the first shot.

bike lane closed? There ought to be a sign that says this before there's no where else to go. Stupid city traffic needs to filter into one lane. Got passed dangerously close, also illegally and also yelled at.

yeah, it's over a crest/bridge, one lane each way, bike lane closed, I just take up a full lane :-)

...aaand passed illegally, but with a safe margin and no yelling or honking. (This is the exact shot I wanted) car that passed me gained a total of... 3 secs, thank you kind sir!

about 100m away. I'd take a shot of what kind of obstacle I have to avoid, but I need two hands on my bars for that. (if you haven't noticed, rails... that split off.) Also nearly got side swiped by a parking enforcement car... still doing good.

cars trying to pass a streetcar... after the intersection and street car... no more traffic! Amazing!
then a slight S curve... still good...

Aaaandddd... stuck, if only my bars were still 38cm and not 40.5cm I just might be able to squeeze through this... lol

passed the bus and truck... that's a YMCA you see there to the right. Then tagging along with another commuter... I think I'll stay behind her for a bit... Squeezing through parked cars and cars stuck behind street cars... see, smart people use bikes to not get stuck in this traffic...
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