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Siu & Jon:
Be sure you both know what, if anything, you should be smearing on the new seatposts before inserting them into the seat tube. Alloy posts going into steel frames get greased to make sure they don't bond/sieze up in there. But, as Jon so kindly pointed out in another thread, because I am a total curmudgeon/Olde Phart/luddite/retrogrouch (pick the perjorative term(s) of your choice) , I have never had occasion to find out what, if anything, one should do to prep a Ti post that's going into either a Ti or CF frame.

Siu, call your nephew and ask him whether to grease, yes or no, and if "yes," what to use.

Jon, ask the LBS where you bought your bike. Don't make a call on this without asking someone who really knows - if you grease when you shouldn't or vice versa, it has the potential to cause you a real problem. It may only be with aluminum alloy or CF posts that it matters, but I don't know and I doubt you do, so ask the Pros From Dover before you inadvertently do something wrong.

Both of you, do a search in the Mechanics/Maintenance/Repairs forum (I can't remember it's actual name, but it isn't hard to figure out.) I'm pretty sure I've seen such discussions there, although I obviously didn't pay that much attention - just enough to know that you guys both need to ask the questions and there's a good chance that the answers will be different for the two of you because of the different frame materials. If a search brings up nothing, post a thread asking - and be prepared for 25 different responders posting about 37 different opinions. But definitely do some homework on this - the frame you save could be your own.
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