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Thanks for the tip, and reminding us about it, Bikinshearer!!

But ehhhhhhhhh..... I'm not able to get one. My nephew put a seatpost that he felt was sufficient enough for my needs. I realize it's a great seatpost but mainly I got the bike for the geometry and the ride of the metal. Plus to me, spending that much for a seatpost or a stem is kinda........well, not necessary right now. My bike is complete and perfect the way he has it set up. I'm VERY happy and satisfied with the way it is right now.

In regards to what you should use - I know that on the frame, my nephew used anti seize, not your regular grease. And if anyone should know about the Moots, it would be him.
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Please dont outsmart the censor. That is a very expensive censor and every time one of you guys outsmart it it makes someone at the home office feel bad. We dont wanna do that. So dont cleverly disguise bad words.

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