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um... use student loans to pay for your college. a credit card is bad BAD BAD for this. i'll be a bit over $40,000 in debt by the time i finish my bachelors this spring if i do finish it this spring which i should (i hope i didn't jinx it.) sometimes you have to go in debt to pay for things. its the way the world works. we get more in debt and the rich get richer off of it. if you want the degree go for it. you'll pay it off soon enough, hopefully.

and in america college is expensive! that $40,000 is with me spending 2 of the 5 years at a community college! and i worked at that point. now it's pointless to work. there's just no way it'd even make a dent. i was debt free until i entered a 4 year school. and in three years i've gone into that much debt. that's just...

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