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Folks, I have no problem with Bikes Direct or with bike shops per se, but the real way to get as much bike for your money regardless of price range is simply to go used. Yes, there is some risk there but that is one reason why the prices are lower (market adjusts for risk).

Some examples of "the most bike for my money" I have bought.
1. 2001 TCR 0 full Dura Ace (raced and ridden hard) bought in 2004 for $800 (racer friend)
2. 2002 Giant NRS 1 full XT (like new) bought in 2005 for $1200 (
3. mid 1980's Giant road bike full 105 bought in 2006 for $215 shipped (ebay)
4. 1999 Jamis Eclipse road bike (full Tiagra) bought in 2005 for $360 shipped (ebay)
5. 1997 Trek road bike w/ carbon frame and full 105 sti bought in 2007 for $400 (ebay)
6. mid 1980's centurion road bike (exage components) bought in 2007 for $100 (ebay)
7. 1999 Lemond Zurich full Dura Ace bought in 2007 for $500 (friend)
8. mid 1990's jamis mtb full STX bought in 2003 for $45 (ebay) (one of my favorite bikes).
9. early 1980's peugeot road bike bought in 2006 for $3 (thrift store miracle)
10. early 1980's peugeot road bike bought in 2006 for $40 (thrift store fair buy)
11. early 1980's schwinn world sport road bike in 2006 for $3 (thrift store miracle)l
12. early 1980's raleigh marathon in 2006 for $3 (thrift store miracle; and that one included brand new specialized spd pedals!!!!)

I love all of these bikes and have been carefully purchasing some of them for friends/family. If you are educated, know how to wrench, and know how to buy online as to minimize risk, there is little reason not to go used. Just my opinion and experience.

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