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Biking it and Liking It

I rode seventeen miles yesterday. I am over forty years old and 250 pounds. I have a theory that I get more exercise now, than when I was younger, because I'm pedalling an extra hundred pounds up every hill.

I actually did two rides yesterday, July 21st, 2007.

I first rode a 21 speed MTB , put it on a train, and took the train ten miles. Then I rode home. Sorry , I don't have a picture of the 21 speed MTB, but it has BMX handlebars. Here is a picture of the train that I took my bike on:

The railroad surveyed the passengers and asked them what they wanted on the new trains. A whopping 43% said they wanted a fiberglass nose. I wonder if my campaining helped.

I am considering painting this bike black. I have added even more lights to it. This bike is known as the NFA Vehicles Type 10. The banana seat and it's support are fiberglass. The support on the front is fiberglass and carrries the 12 volt battery and a 1982 Suzuki GS fairing. The new lights added thios past week are directionals (blinkers). Yellow on the front and BLUE bullet tailights on the rear. The front blinkers are mounted on a 2 foot by 6 inch piece of 1/4 inch aircraft plywood, which also serves to reinforce the floor of the battery compartment. The headlights are 50 watts each, the right one is street legal, the left is a halogen track light with a wide beam, excellent for shooting video. That was the bike I rode on a seven mile loop last night.

I also have this recumbent, or semi-recumbent.The"Type 7". I'm not sure if it's a semi recumbent because it's semi upright, or if the fairing is based of a semi truck spoiler:

This is the Type 9, which my Daughter Mellisa designed. I would describe it as a Fiberglass Ladies Bicycle, or Electric Moped prototype:

Because I was offered twelve hundred dollars for this bike , I sold it. The buyer was an automobile detailler and he wanted it unpainted. I let him tap on it with a hammer to show him it was structurally sound.

I also have a pair of Lafree electric bicycles, here's one of them, also rigged with lights:

I bought this E-Bike in 2004. I love it , but I don't ride it as much now as when I got it. It seems I am getting my stamina back, and I can ride further on a bicycle without a motor. I thank the E-bike for being like a coach, and pacing me, so I learnt not to waste effort pedalling over 20 MPH.

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