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Originally Posted by slvoid
Do you feel stomach cramps and have a lot of gas? As someone else pointed out, the raisin bran might not do it but the milk sure would. I drink soymilk because I'm lactose intolerant. Normal dairy products don't affect me as much as milk would. One cup and you can power a windmill off me.
No cramps at all. I feel great during the ride. It's just that I get these wicked toots. Not a problem when I'm riding with the boys, but chicks don't like that. I mean, they like it when I'm at the front of the paceline cuz I'm big and can break wind big time, but...

I don't think I drink enough milk for that to be a problem. Like, I can be out all day on a century for example, where I drink lots of water and gatorade - no milk products at all - and blast up a storm. Maybe it's just the way I'm built...
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