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Originally Posted by skinnyone View Post
April.. As a guy I appreciate the offer to pay but would gladly pick up the tab and I am guessing that most of us here probably will not take a girl up on it (well unless it was a really really horrible date).

Here is the best move I think.. Offer to pay once.. if you get the "I got it" line and if you are going to give the guy a second date the let him pick the tab..

If the guy is not second date material, insist on paying for half the tab and thats a good enough sign to the guy that its one and done.. (at least for me and KT)
I think skinnyone's counsel is reasonable. Perhaps the subject is one that you'd prefer to discuss with them before you actually get to the scene of the date. Unless the guy is obscenely rich (and perhaps even if he is), it's probably not a good idea to go someplace expensive for a first date. That could be completely awkward.
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