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Originally Posted by newbiecyclist
Thanks. So far I have no problem with getting dropped or not keeping up. I just want to make sure that I don't develop my knees inappropriately so that I start having problems down the road.

My pedaling is smooth all the way through the circle, so I am riding pretty efficiently. Working on the ankle action too....Thanks for the feedback.
Ankling is important, but you should build up to it. Too much too soon and you will be very sorry!!

You may want to add a pedeling drill to some of your rides. Try this one. On a long flat section get into a comfortable gear and unclip one foot and kind of get it out of the way. keep pedeling with the one in the clip and try to maintain a steady cadence using the ankeling technique. After 30 seconds switch legs. Repeat four times. As you get better at it add more time and repeats. The exercise builds flexability and strenthons the mucle over your shin (I forget the name). Eventually you should be able to manage a steady and smooth 80-90 cadence with one leg. It isn't easy to do and will take practice, but it will definetely improve your stroke. This is a drill that our team coach has us do at least once a week.

Good luck and happy riding!!
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