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The quieter you become...
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Originally Posted by phantomcow2 View Post
My driving has changed, but definitely not toward a slowing trend. This thing sounds great above 3000rpm. It makes the engine have a nicer roaring type sound, so I have been accelerating a little harder while I get to cruising speed so I can hear it . I travel 65 on the highway. The only thing that has really changed is that I have been using rev matching and engine braking a lot more. Also, I've been running the engine a little faster when it's still cold, so that my O2 sensor gets to temp as soon as possible. The engine and all gets to normal temp is under 2 minutes now, and I shift to a higher gear. Not sure what the effect of each component of change is.
Remember this, you car is going to run rich before the O2 sensor heats up and the thermostat kicks.
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