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Another what bike thread


I've recently moved into a remote area of Southern California with AMAZING mountain biking and a trail starting literally at my door!

Although I've traditionally been an on road cyclist who commutes and tours to stay in shape, that really isn't an option out here. So I'm determined to do mountain biking to stay in shape.

5' 9" with a 32" stand over height.

I ride 5 days a week (every week day during a lunch break from my home office).

I generally ride very hard on my bikes (I used to put in over a 100 miles a week on my road bike and have ridden coast to coast on a touring bike).


I want a bike with dual suspenstion.

I want a bike with 26" wheels.

I'm ok with disc brakes, but I don't really see the point out here in the desert (it never rains here).

I'd prefer a threadless headset (simply so I don't have a totally outdated bike in 5 years).

I'd don't care how many gears it has (at least 10 with a fairly wide range though).

I'm willing to buy used but I'd need some help finding the right one.

Buying from a bike shop isn't really an option (I'm fairly remote and the nearest decent bike shop it about 50 minutes away).

Heres the kicker, I want to spend less than $500 including shipping.

I'm ok with the bike only lasting a few years before it dies (i'll buy a really nice one if I decide I really like mountain biking).

I'm considering a bike.


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