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Originally Posted by Tom Stormcrowe View Post
Only if it is observed, like Schroedinger's cat!
The artifact of so called "observation" is a human contrivance. The Universe would continue to exist without our presence or observation.

Existentialism only serves a limited focus. We are or we aren't. So what?

As far as our consciousness is concerned, we exist. But we continually ignore the fact that we can change the state in which we exist.

Existence is perched on the balance of perception.

The crux is that we base our perception on that defined by those in power.

They, by definition, do not want us to realise that we can have all we want.

Therefore, we think that we will never realise that we can have all we want.

Peace and comfort. Love and peace.

We, the people, who are only wanting to thrive and survive, want nothing of the power gains of the *******s who rule our civilizations, want nothing but Love and Peace. **** Power. Power is only for those who cannot understand that which they already grasp.

At least that's what my daydreams tell me.

All I may have is daydreams, but I'm not willing to give them up yet.

And I hope I die before I give up these dreams. Otherwise, my death will be empty.

And so on and so forth.
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