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Originally Posted by Tom Stormcrowe View Post
Exactly, and I like the no guarantees! Surprise is a good thing.
I agree absolutely.

But, wouldn't it be an astoundingly wonderful thing if we realised that we can make this Surprise a good thing for everybody?

I can't personally say what this Surprise will be. Or if it even exists. But we are at the crossroads. We are at the beginning of a Cultural Singularity that has yet to be pre-dated. It is up to us to determine the course that it is to take. And I don't think that enough of us realise this. I think the only group, so far, to truely realise that we are on the edge of a cliff are the *******s in control. They, as per human nature, want to preserve the current order of things. They control and want to continue to control.

It's no great conspiracy. And you don't have to be completely psyched out on mushrooms to see this.

What's happening now is something that was inconceivable in the 70s. We have an almost free exchange of information. Did you think you'd be talking, in real time, to people across the globe? Sure, it's been possible. But, not everyone had a HAM radio.

But now we have a collective consciousness. And I have no idea how to take advantage of it. But, someone will. Someone will overcome the apathy of information overload. Someone will actually start giving a **** what is going on outside of their own little world and realise that what happens in some impoverished third world country will ultimately have an effect on us. And they will know what to do. Or, at least, they will know what trigger to pull to make the next person to do the next step. There's 6 billion of us. Chances are, at least one of us knows what to do to keep this place from turning into a total ****hole.

I wish I could be that person. But not even my wildest fantasy would allow that. So I'm left searching and dreaming.
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