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Originally Posted by late
High amounts of caffeine? I have had most varieties of green tea trying to find one I like. Never saw one with high caffeine. You want
a buzz from tea...try Morning Thunder. The good stuff in green tea is bitter. As it gets stronger it also gets bitterer. It's the kind of bitter that cuts through sugar and milk like a nitro fueled chainsaw. Which is why you only brew it for 2 or 3 minutes.
Heh, heh, you haven't gotten some of the green tea that my husband gets from the chinese guys he works with. Some of that stuff you brew 30-45 seconds and then re-use the leaves a couple of times. If you let it brew a couple of minutes you get stuff that is reeeeely bitter. . .

I have read that most of the caffeine in tea is brewed out in the first 30 seconds after hot water hits it. So if you pour off the water after that time you have a tea that is greatly much reduced in caffeine, if not caffeine free. And it's still got some flavor, no matter what kind of tea you are drinking.

As for detoxing, I don't know about you, but it realy flushes me out!
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