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Originally Posted by red house View Post
I just got a beta fighting fish. These are so cool, I figure it will help teach me responsibility, -having another living creature that is utterly dependent on me for it's survival. Although, I believe you can go weeks w/o feeding them or changing the water (if you need to leave it while on vacation or something).

I found one of ^these to hold it, and bought a plant for it too. I am now a 'pet owner.' I figure in two or three years time when this fish dies I will be able to get a black lab or something. Anyways, anybody else own a beta? Any advice?
My sister-in-law gets beta fish from time to time. I looked them up once, and IIRC, they're natively found in little puddles and they're super aggressive. You might notice that if you get close to the bowl, the fish will puff up himself up.

Anyways, care for them is particularly easy, from what I understand. I don't believe you have to feed them if you put them in their bowl with a plant. Because of their native environment, I do'nt think you even have to clean the bowl, although my sister-in-law is quite neurotic, and cleaned it out at least once a week.

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