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Originally Posted by twahl View Post
I want to hear about when it goes alpha as well.

It's actually "Betta" as in Betta Splendens, not beta. They are quite hardy, as they have a special breathing apparatus called a labyrinth. This allows them to draw air from the surface of the water, which is what allows them to survive in small puddles. They are rarely as aggressive as people believe. I've never had a problem keeping one in a community tank with tetras and the like. The males will attack each other, but not always. Sometimes they'll flare up when they are shown a mirror, but don't leave one in the cube, it's kinda stressful. Females aren't commonly found in pet stores, they are considerably smaller and much less colorful than the males, so they aren't popular. They frog should be fine.

Yeah, the dwarf aquatic frog is only about the size of my thumb nail - but he seems to be able to hold his own. They've had it out many times and I'm not sure if either has really established their dominance of the cube yet. They do keep each really active and excited, much more interesting to watch. They made me think of two convicts who have just been put in the same cell together, only so far neither has suceeded in making the other his *****.

And I got a .99 guppy, - they both just bullied and picked on it for a while until it found itself a nice sheltered crevace at the bottom and died.. kind of anti-climatic, and cruel.
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