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Is this gonna hurt?
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Originally Posted by RIC0 View Post
I read somewere that for XC riding you don't want more than an inch of space between the stem and top of the tube. I recently cut about 3/8 inch off my steerer tube and couldn't believe the different feel it had. That little amount made a big difference.
Well the main cause for concern here is that im going from a zerostack headset to a im trying to factor in the size...before I had 1.25 inches of space between the headset and stem (headset was 13.1mm total stack height). And for my new rig Im probably gonna run .75 inches of space between the headset and stem(new headset is 27mm total stack hieght).

total of the spacers and headset for both rigs end up being around the same stack...but my old rig had more spacing between the headset and stem, and my new rig will have slightly less above the headset...but more below with longer travel on the fork all together.

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