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Move 'em to the 'burgs (GM, Ford applaud)

Here's a link, apt to expire soon, to a Kansas City Star story on reform in "public" housing. The idea is, since housing projects have invariably turned into breeding grounds for crime, to separate the low-income people from one another by housing them discretely (maybe I should say discreetly!) in the suburbs.

Click here and hope for the best

Here is the text of an email I fired off to the writer of the article:

Dear Mr. Grice:

In my opinion, to move anybody to the suburbs is an act of betrayal to
urban living, and an insult to civilized values.

It's also an admission of defeat: saying that people cannot, in effect,
live harmoniously together.

But I suppose the automobile makers and the oil industry will be wildly
applauding, even as the environment and civilization itself suffer.

Thanks for the article--even though it made me mad!

Jon Rutherford
Kansas City, Missouri
(URBAN resident since 1964)
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