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I just read the article. This quote is particularly precious: "They are now able to live in suburban communities next to working class families like themselves, said Flowers, executive director of the public housing residents council." What arrogance. 'Like themselves' indeed. Shades of the unsavoury racist past methinks. 'Let them mix with people like themselves, we certainly don't want them around us.'

Further to my previous (possibly OT now I've read the article) post: Another side effect of this is that the less affluent have to find more affordable digs, which means they are pushed into cheaper neighborhoods, which these days are miles from anything. No shops, no PT, no nothing that you can't get to without a car, and these are the people that can least afford the luxury of a car. Is sound social planning, or a side effect of insatiable greed?

Gods save us from ignorant pricks trying to 'help the poor'. All indications in this article lead me to believe that they are more interested in helping themselves. Maybe these so called 'breeding grounds for crime' now have the potential to become prime real estate with the fatcat's new interest in moving closer to the city. Call me overly cynical, but only if you can prove me wrong.
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