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Allister, you are exactly right on all counts.

What you described happening in Brisbane has already happened in San Francisco, with the result that people of moderate and even fairly ample means are at a loss for places to live. The artists and non-affluent, humane, humanist types that used to live there have been dispossessed. Meanwhile there is a desperate problem of homelessness, with people sleeping on sidewalks...could there be a connection? Oh, surely not!

And on a smaller but just as mean-spirited scale it's happening in Kansas City. In the urban core, long-disused industrial buildings are converted into lofts that only the wealthy can afford, and you may be sure they are not about to abandon their cars--especially when the nearest grocery is six miles away.

And the classist, racist angle is only too apparent to anybody with eyes to see. But that apparently doesn't include politicians, who have only pockets to fill.
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